Adopt an Angel Flight

Fund One or More Flights

$300 ~ Puts One Angel Flight in the air.

With more than 3,000+ flights a year, we urgently need your help to continue to provide flights free of charge to patients in financial need.

In addition to the pilot’s enormous generosity in paying their Mission’s plane, fuel, and airport costs, it still costs Angel Flight NE approximately $300 to $500 to schedule one Angel Flight along with ground transportation, when necessary.

With 1,000s of patients turning to us each year, we need your help to get life-saving flights in the air! Our patients travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to access the medical care they need and deserve.

When a patient needs to fly to healthcare, Angel Flight NE is here to help throughout the entire health journey.

Each trip helps patients of all ages travel to long-distance healthcare that they could not afford without the help of organizations like Angel Flight NE.

Your generous gift impacts lives forever.

Donor Levels

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Wings Community
Wings Community
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Make a Gift that Makes the Impossible, Possible! Give to the Adopt-an-Angel-Flight Program. Call 978-794-6868 to learn more.

How You Can Support Angel Flight NE

Your gift allows patients to focus on healing. So they no longer spend their time worrying about whether or not they can afford the high cost of travel to the medical care that could save their life. These patients and their families have exhausted their financial resources due to long-term or acute illness.